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Biodroga Skin Care

Biodroga Skin Care

Have you met Biodroga skin care products before?

Biodroga and Biodroga MD products have been researched, developed, and manufactured in Germany since 1959. The Biodroga brand name was created by combining bio (biological) and drogue (based on plants). Today, they are known for products that use high efficiency and concentration ingredients and for their innovative skincare formulations keeping up with and incorporating the latest research developments in phytopharmaceuticals (medical research using plant-derived ingredients), dermatology, medicine, and cosmetology.

Biodroga products are used around the world, with global distribution to more than 60 countries.

They are used in more than 7,000 beauty institutes, clinics, and spas worldwide. Over the years, their product lines have included several award-winners:

  • Intense Moisture Formula Series: The products focus on long-lasting hydration and make use of innovative skincare formulations. These products include Bioactive Moisture Complex, combining madecassoside - the soothing and repairing compound found in Centella Asiatica or ’Cica’ - and hyaluronic acid to provide extensive and well-delivered moisturization and beta-glucans to prevent moisture loss. The innovative product development has won multiple awards, including recognition in 2010 when the series won LNE & Spa’s 210 Best Award for pioneering developments in the area of moisturizers.
  • Golden Caviar Series: This luxurious line is focused on well-aging and preventing premature aging. All products of the line contain caviar extract to gently stimulate cell metabolism and microcirculation of skin. The Golden Caviar Instant Beauty Sheet Mask is one of Biodroga’s most popular products and a 2017 Spa Diamond Award nominee. It uses an ultra-fine cellulose sheet mask to deliver caviar extract, peptides, and hyaluronic acid for instantaneous and intense moisturization. As a result, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed out, imparting a plumper, refreshed, and more radiant complexion.
  • Lotus & Science Series: Another luxurious, high-end line, the Lotus & Science series features lotus flower extract and MatriXpert peptide complex to support collagen synthesis and strength the extracellular matrix to ensure continued skin health. The award-winning Lotus & Science Moisturizing Fluid (2012 Spa Diamond Award) contains the signature combination of lotus flower extract and MatriXpert peptide complex combined with green algae extract, hyaluronic acid, and wheat protein.
  • The in-house Research and Development department for Biodroga is based in the historic German spa town of Baden-Baden, known for its mineral water and one of the 11 spa towns which form the ‘Great Spa Towns of Europe’ UNESCO World Heritage Site. These historic towns were popular resort areas with mineral spas that people would visit for the purported health benefits of the mineral springs. Even today, Biodroga has a chain of wellness hotels in Europe and Asia. Clients visit for relaxation and to receive healthful treatments using products with the same pampering, highly efficient, and results-oriented ethos behind all Biodroga products.

Visit our online shop or in-person to peruse the Biodroga and Biodroga MD products we have available and to learn how incorporating these innovative and high-tech skincare products can help ensure the optimal care and protection of your skin.

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