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LED Light Hair Treatment

LED Light Hair Treatment

LED Light Hair Treatment with Smart LED Care Hair Volume Booster


In 1998, a Russian scientist who studied cellular biology came across an interesting finding when he shaved the fur off some mice. The shaved areas grew back thicker than they had been before. This finding sparked an interest in LED light therapy hair treatment and led to many important discoveries.


After many years of trying all kinds of remedies, scientists finally found one that worked. The scientists applied the treatment around the shaved areas of the mice’s backs, and in response, their bodies created new hair growth. That finding led to a new scientific discovery, and now scientists use high-power LED lightbulbs to treat hair loss in humans.


Today, the science that developed Smart LED Care Hair Volume Booster has advanced, and now doctors use this device with LED technology to send high-power, LED light waves through the body, which stimulates cellular growth and healing. Red light therapy can help regrow hair in people with genetic hair loss caused by hormones or stress.


Using the Smart LED Care Hair Volume Booster promisingly shows a significant increase in hair growth with the LED light hair treatment therapy. A scientific study comparing sham treatment and placebo with the group exposed to LED light after 6 months of treatment had significantly more hair than the other side placebo group. In addition, most of the LED treatment groups showed a statistically significant improvement in hair count compared to the control group. Most group members with the proper LED light hair treatment has shown positive results in increasing the number of microscopic hairs.


Study after study, red light treatment increased hair count, increased hair thickness, and helped people improve their appearance and self-confidence. Built on a solid foundation of peer-reviewed clinical research, LED light treatment increases hair volume, density, and thickness in both men and women. Red Light Therapy is a natural hair loss treatment that has been proven safe and effective in numerous peer-reviewed clinical trials and approved by many happy users. To study the effectiveness of LED red light therapy in women with normal hair loss, one of the researchers who conducted the aforementioned study on men decided to recreate LED red light therapy for participating women with hair loss.


Because LED light hair treatment therapy stimulates your body's natural growth process, if your body is in top shape, hair will only regrow where it normally grows. LED light therapy stimulates hair growth on the scalp, and near-infrared light adds another dimension by helping to treat any underlying conditions that may be causing hair loss.


A review of scientific studies has shown that LED light hair treatment can improve male pattern baldness. As the benefits of the therapy for hair volume and regrowth continue to gain prominence. Many have enlisted the help of the best Smart LED Care Hair Volume Booster’s hair regrowth devices help to correct common hair loss symptoms, including thinning hair, bald patches, and male and female pattern baldness.

Smart LED Care Hair Volume Booster’s healthy vibrations penetrate the scalp three times faster than using your hands, helping to solve hair loss or scalp problems quickly. You will feel a “miraculous experience” with just 10 minutes of investment. The finger-shaped head part can be used for the scalp sphincter massage easily, and it can also be used for the face and body.

Three-stage LED therapy and vibration modes (vibration massage mode and vibration toning mode) enable management at home.


Volume Booster’s patented technology lets products of all kinds be deeply absorbed into the skin. It helps solve scalp problems and hair loss while also making hair thicker. Ten minutes of use is all it takes to strengthen the roots of hair and make it healthier. The product can be used on the face and other parts of the body.


The Volume Booster has a finger-like part that can use for easily massaging your scalp. All you need to do is to rub your scalp for about three minutes, and it will become easy to manage your hair as you always wanted it daily. With its triple LED therapy, you can start using this device regularly, even in your home, without taking a trip to a salon making life a lot easier. 

-           Improved 55.88% scalp redness

-           Prevents 15.82% Moisture loss

-           Boosts 28.66% Elasticity

-           Help Removing 56.16% Scalp Dead Skin Cells


Further mechanistic studies and large-scale randomized trials will help determine whether LED light hair treatment and therapy can increase hair growth and prevent further hair loss in people living with alopecia areata. In addition, in the case of post-surgery transplantation, LED light hair therapy will help the newly transplanted hair grow and speed up the healing process. In general, LED hair therapy is for men and women of any hair length who notice thinning.


LED light hair regrowth devices are designed to be used at home or as part of a more extensive salon hair treatment program. Designed to visibly improve the density and thickness of your hair within three to six months, the Smart LED Care Volume Booster is a convenient home hair growth device specially calibrated to emit ultra-low for follicles to stimulate their growth. Applying high megawatts of therapeutic laser phototherapy directly to the scalp. It revitalizes hair follicles, encouraging regrowth and stopping thinning and shedding.


High-performing LEDs in the hair Volume Booster allow every inch of scalp and hair follicles throughout the head to receive growth-stimulating light energy. The combination of medical-grade lasers like LEDs targets different levels of hair and scalp for the highest possible growth and thicker, fuller hair.


The Smart LED Care Volume Booster strengthens the volume of hair roots. It makes the hair richer with Patent Technology Electroporation, which penetrates the hair follicle three times more intensively than applying it by hand. As a result, it helps to solve hair loss or scalp problems quickly. You’ll discover a miraculous experience with just 10 minutes of investment on a daily basis.

The finger-shaped head part of the device can be used for scalp sphincter massage with minimal effort and can also be utilized for the face and body


Laser-like LED light hair treatment is a clinically proven hair regrowth therapy. LED light hair treatment works by emitting low-intensity phototherapy diodes through a high-power LED lens (with a narrow red bandwidth of 625 nanometers) to stimulate hair follicle healing, and rejuvenation and stimulate hair growth. The device uses laser-like LED light to increase blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. FCC, CE, RCM, IC, and PSE certified and approved for female and male hair loss, LED light hair treatment effectively targets hair follicles, directly stimulating hair regrowth.


By examining which proteins were activated, the researchers concluded that red light therapy promoted hair growth and reversed the miniaturization of baldness by improving dermal papilla cell function. Hair thickness and tensile strength also improved in those exposed to natural light. The scientists found that weekly fractional photothermolysis treatment induces full hair growth after six months in a patient with alopecia areata of the scalp. A 308 nm non-excimer laser device showed promise in a study, with 4 out of 8 patients experiencing full hair growth after an average of 3 treatments per week.


By stimulating the scalp, a special form of cellular therapy that includes low-frequency electrical impulses promotes hair regrowth by re-activating dormant hair follicles and reversing the effects of hair loss. Red light travels through the skin to the base of the hair follicles, stimulating the cells, papillae, and matrix to produce more energy, which causes these cells to reproduce more successfully. It has been shown that at a specific bandwidth, the photons emitted by these visible red lasers are absorbed by the hair follicles, inducing natural growth factors in the scalp and thus promoting hair growth. However, this will not work for entirely bald people because the hair follicles must still be alive to receive the energy of the laser and LED light. 

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