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Dermatologists and skincare professionals of all stripes repeatedly emphasize to their patients and clients the importance of wearing sunscreen with broad-spectrum SPF daily to protect against skin cancer and prevent premature photo-aging. Sunscreen with Broad Spectrum SPF protects against UVA and UVB rays from the Sun, which penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere and reach our skin, causing painful sunburns and damage to our skin cells.

Sun protection is also important if you regularly use skincare products or get in-clinic treatments to address concerns like discoloration or acne scarring. UV exposure from the Sun without Broad Spectrum SPF or other forms of sun protection can exacerbate these conditions.

  • Hyperpigmentation from sunspots appears because of UV exposure and environmental stressors. This leads to free radical damage to our skin which causes an increase in melanin production in our skin and which we see in the form of brown sunspots. SPF skincare products are essential for minimizing and protecting against this type of discoloration.

  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is the most common form of acne scarring - red, pink, tan, or brown marks left behind when our skin tries to heal itself after a breakout. UV exposure can stimulate extra melanin production. This can make the hyperpigmentation worse and extend the fading process, which can already take weeks to months.

    UV exposure without Broad Spectrum SPF can also counteract the benefits of treatments or products. So, to get the most benefit, it is essential to pair targeted therapies - whether in-clinic or at-home - with effective sun protection.

    Since the 1980s, Elta MD has been producing well-respected wound care and healing products used worldwide. However, given the vital role sun protection plays in protecting skin and good skin health, since 2007, Elta MD has also focused on high-efficiency sunscreens that people will actually want to use. According to a study of sunscreen-dispensing dermatologists in the United States, Elta MD is both the number one recommended and also personally used sunscreen by dermatologists.

    Consider Elta MD skincare, sun care, and aesthetic care products if you’re looking for innovative, well-formulated, highly functional products. Elta MD products are formulated to cater to every skin type (including sensitive skin), lifestyle, and personal circumstance. Their range of moisturizers includes products for both face and body and use during the day and at night.

    Contact TheSkinSolNew today so that we can recommend the Elta MD skincare products best suited to your personal needs and skincare goals and which will best complement your in-clinic and at-home skincare. Skin Solutions New York is an authorized and trusted partner of Elta MD products. So, you can be assured that you will only receive authentic Elta MD skincare products when you purchase from us.